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Six Phases of Career Transition

by Ann Stace Wood

1. Vague Uneasiness and Lack of Enthusiasm

2. "Making it Better"

3. "Making it Wrong"

4. Exploration

5. Partial Transition (waffling)

6. The Completed Transition (renewed energy)

All stages affect self esteem and people often seek counseling during one or all of these stages.

Six Phases of Career Transition

Phase 1 - Vague Uneasiness, there is a general feeling of discontent. For instance, we might read something about someone else’s job and think, "That sounds like fun." Or we might say, "oh here’s another one of those, or I bet they don’t have problems with so and so."

Phase 2 - Making it Better, we strive to make more money by doing extra projects, working longer hours, and get more excited about our work, but that only lasts temporarily. If a transition is the best path for us, the "Make It Better" phase won’t last and our inner wisdom or discussing it with a counselor may make us move on.

Phase 3 - Make it Wrong, this period consists of downright complaining--for instance, complaining about how things have changed. Things aren’t as good or fun as they used to be. The attitude here is that it has changed for the worst.

Phase 4 - The Exploration, there may be testing the waters and it may be as direct as sending out resumes or beginning to ascertain how much additional schooling will be needed, or it can be finally acknowledging a goal we have always had. But we have trouble letting go, which leads us to Phase 5.

Phase 5 - Partial Transition, "straddling the fence." Not willing to give up the old, yet zealously pursuing the new. Having some success, perhaps part-time with the new job or new way of doing things, but still plagued with "what if?"

Phase 6 - Completed Transition or "Renewed Energy, the core process of beginning again is creativity as we build new programs, relationships and strategies for achieving goals. Slowly, new self esteem and confidence is built, and we have the courage to make a significant change. Challenges are embraced and not resented.

Beverly Baskin, ED.S, LPC, MCC, NCCC, CPRW

Mitchell Baskin,

"Mitch: I am extremely Impressed! You and your company did a fantastic job with my resume! When the opportunity to advance in my career presents itself, I know I have a great resume to get me noticed. I can see why you've had such a successful run in your 17 year history! Thanks again for all your help!"

David R.

"Mr Baskin, First, I wanted to thank you for your help with my resume. In the past two weeks I have had more responses than last year. I have an interview this Friday with a medical equipment company. I was wondering if you could help me prepare for the interview."

Thank you, Wendy C.

"Mitch: It looks great. I am considering your services to compile a list of smaller hedge funds, some local and some in Manhattan to target for employment opportunities. I hope to hear from you soon."

Sincerely, Charles F.

"Mitch, just wanted to drop you a line to let you know one of your letters has developed into a new job for me. In fact those letters continue to generate phone calls and although I have taken this position, I'm staying in contact with a number of firms recommending candidates or other business solutions for them to more or less maintain a network contact. Thanks for all your help and I'll be sure to recommend you at any opportunity."

All the best, Bob D.


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