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As Nationally Certified Career Counselors (NCCCs) and Licensed Professional Counselors in the State of New Jersey, BBCS programs are designed to intertwine counseling, testing, task work, career marketing, and interviewing skills resulting in the implementation of a successful job search.  Separated employees re-enter the job market with confidence and direction.

The Outplacement Process

Corporate outplacement can be performed for any level…from quickly helping administrative and technical employees get back into the workforce….to our multi-faceted senior management level outplacement.  We offer several programs to choose from, differing in cost.  BBCS career counselors will work with human resource professionals and senior managers to customize services according to the organization’s needs.   If requested, a BBCS counselor will be present on site to initiate the outplacement process on the day of termination.  Counselors also conduct pre-outplacement sessions for groups of employees.

Company Required Outplacement

We enjoy working with companies who require that outplacement be completed by the employee as part of the severance package.   
Experienced managers and human resource directors understand the concept of preventative care for separated employees to avoid termination fallout and foster excellent community and public relations.  The separated employee will know that he or she will have several weeks or months of counseling support, career marketing and resume preparation, targeted company and computer research, Internet job search support and networking techniques.  These interventions erase the isolation, depression, and confusion that follows the loss of a job.

Our Resumes Get People Hired

BBCS Counseling provides one month, three month, and six month programs for our companies.   Our resumes get results and get candidates hired--fast.  It is not uncommon for our outplacement clients to obtain several interviews one week after emailing or sending out their first group of 25 resumes.

Each resume and cover letter is written to target particular employment fields with important categories to ensure optimal Internet posting resume placement.  These categories include resume key words, a resume profile, and specific resume headings to make it easy to process your employment experience. Our writers use eight different resume formats in chronological, functional, and mixed variations.  There are times when a bio or resume letter is also a viable marketing tool.

Targeted Research and Job Search
Save Significant Time

BBCS customized job search services include career testing, Internet Resume Job Search posting, Linkedin profile and our specialty research of targeted firms and recruiters in our client’s geographic preferences and salary ranges.  Our researcher partners with our clients to look for advertised posts on the Internet, scanned from numerous sites.

Employment Solutions

We realize how hard it is for managers and human resource professionals to have to terminate an employee.  We offer an employment solution designed to repackage marketable skills.  Call us now so that we can help you to help your separated employees with a smooth transition, thus helping to quickly balance morale and productivity in your facility.

Career Development Services and
Training Programs for Business and

Individual and Group Outplacement Counseling
Career Continuation Seminars
Spouse Relocation Counseling
Employee Assistance Programs
Career Testing
Career Interest, Personality, and Workplace Inventories
Vocational Counseling - Individual Career Pathing within the Organization
Assessment of Learning Disabilities within the Workplace 
Career Development and Retention Programs
Job Description Analysis
Team Building Facilitation - Building Task Force Teams for Self Esteem and Productivity
Stress Management
Coaching for Executives and Key Decision Makers 
Candidate Interviewing, Screening and Hiring Assistance
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Beverly Baskin, ED.S, LPC, MCC, NCCC, CPRW

Mitchell Baskin,

"Mitch: I am extremely Impressed! You and your company did a fantastic job with my resume! When the opportunity to advance in my career presents itself, I know I have a great resume to get me noticed. I can see why you've had such a successful run in your 17 year history! Thanks again for all your help!"

David R.

"Mr Baskin, First, I wanted to thank you for your help with my resume. In the past two weeks I have had more responses than last year. I have an interview this Friday with a medical equipment company. I was wondering if you could help me prepare for the interview."

Thank you, Wendy C.

"Mitch: It looks great. I am considering your services to compile a list of smaller hedge funds, some local and some in Manhattan to target for employment opportunities. I hope to hear from you soon."

Sincerely, Charles F.

"Mitch, just wanted to drop you a line to let you know one of your letters has developed into a new job for me. In fact those letters continue to generate phone calls and although I have taken this position, I'm staying in contact with a number of firms recommending candidates or other business solutions for them to more or less maintain a network contact. Thanks for all your help and I'll be sure to recommend you at any opportunity."

All the best, Bob D.


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Summary: BBCS Counseling Services is known for Career Counseling, Career Counseling, NJ, Career Counseling in New Jersey, ( NJ ), Beverley and Mitch Baskin have been Career Counselors in New Jersey, for many years. We do career assessment, career testing, resume writing and career coaching in New Jersey ( NJ ) BBCS also offers career guidance for career transition for clients in New Jersey ( NJ ) We offer professional resume writing and offer career guidance for professionals in career transition.  BBCS has licensed nationally certified professional career counselors that serve New Jersey ( NJ ) Monmouth, Middlesex, Middlesex, Iselin, Woodbridge, Manalapan and Mercer. We also assist clients across the U.S.A. with resume writing services, career counseling, career testing and career coaching.  Please contact BBCS Counseling Services for more information.