Happy New Year to all of my readers! Transitions always start with endings….some examples are ending the year with singing “Auld Lang Syne”, ending of one’s schooling with graduation ceremonies, ending a marriage by finalizing a divorce, and ending a job through layoffs, retirement or the job was just not a good fit. Ironically, even though most people resist transitions, when a change takes place, your start a new beginning…and a new transition.

Here are the stages of any transition, personal and/or career:

1) saying goodbye
2) letting go
3) neutral zone
4) inwardly starting a new life.

Living with what you don’t know is the heart of living with transition. It will catapult you to the next stage. The counselors at BBCS Counseling are familiar with transitions and are privileged to help our clients navigate them.

I wish you joy …new beginnings…starting fresh and discovering more about your life’s journey.