Executive Coaching and Leadership Training

Executive Coaching and Leadership Training


executive coaching and leadership training, photoYou may be a struggling executive, a rising star who needs coaching to expand your skills, or a manager that excels in productivity, but had no formal supervisory and process management training…we will help you. BBCS Counseling Services offers executive coaching and leadership training for both executives and rising stars.

By using over 20 years of coaching expertise we can increase a person’s leadership potential.  Coaching by independent seasoned professionals who are not “in the firm” and who abide by confidentiality can have a profound effect on the morale of both the leader and his or her staff.  BBCS believes in the model that hard working, competent and recognized employees produce top results.

Beverly and Mitch Baskin first learn about the working environment, and the strong points of their client as well as the skills needed to reach his or her goals.  This is accomplished by talking extensively with the manager who is our client and the employee’s superior(s). We then use the information to analyze the issues and prepare a plan to effect change in management style and the workplace environment.

Taking into account that each client’s circumstances and corporate environment is different, we personalize each coaching program.  We offer a range of services, some of which are listed below including:

  • Being comfortable delegating, managing, and mentoring the staff
  • Using stress in the workplace to the manager’s advantage
  • Managing people remotely in a global environment with issues like emails that take into account sensitivity and personalities of the receivers
  • Weekly management meetings with office and remote staff
  • Teaching the Leader and her or his staff to approach their superiors with both a problem and a solution, not just a problem
  • Learning techniques to foster productivity and team morale by having the staff feel good about themselves
  • Continuing to use effective communication skills with staff.  This includes Constructive Confrontation Skills using assertive language (I message) in correcting an employee’s behavior, and not criticizing the whole person by poor communication (You Message)
  • Learning how to delegate and have the staff own their ideas, having guidance from the leader
  • Being comfortable proposing ideas (rather than complaining to superiors) and remaining calm in difficult situations
  • Learning the 10 principles of managing effective teams
  • Learning the 10 principles of effective team players
  • How to create a pleasurable learning and working environment

BBCS administers a variety of workplace assessment instruments in its coaching program to increase the Leader’s skills and to create more knowledge about people through processes, control, and emotions in the workplace.

Talk with us or email us today so we can discuss the issues of your leaders and how we can help with your organizational needs and goals.  We will let you know if we are a good fit or we can refer you to the right person!

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“My team’s numbers, productivity and working relationships has greatly improved since we started working together ten weeks ago. My superiors and HR managers have complimented me on reaching my leaderships goals that they set for me.”

S.E. (Nationwide marketing firm)

“Dear Beverly, thank you for providing me with such a wonderful counseling experience. I am especially grateful for all of your resources and sage advice. “


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BBCS Counseling has maintained offices in Freehold, Cranford, NJ and provides services in NJ, NY and throughout the USA.

We are also able to consult with clients online via Doxy.me and What’s APP.
Both platforms are HIPAA Compliant used Licensed Medical and Counseling Professions.