Career Counseling and Coaching

Career Counseling and Coaching


career counselingThis Career Counseling program is an intensive one-on-one counseling, problem solving, and assessment program including individual career and life planning counseling.

The career counseling program is designed for the candidate who is seeking to make a career or industry change and is experiencing indecision regarding his or her career direction.

Career dissatisfaction may cause decreased self esteem, family-related problems, and increased symptoms of depression. These issues will be addressed in collaboration with the counselor.

Clients are encouraged to develop self awareness and the ability to make new choices regarding their careers. The full program includes the following:
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Optional homework assignments are given to enforce the client’s career marketing skills and job search techniques.

These services can be performed at one of our offices, on site, or remotely by phone, Skype or Face Time.

Career Testing

We are very pleased to have our story published in the New York Times.
The article titled “Conquering Frustration on the Road Back to Work” was published in the print and online editions

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“Dear Mitch, I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.
Details of the Recommendation: “I used Mitch’s career testing, resume writing and job posting services. I was able to find a new job within 2 months of the postings going live. Each step of the process added value:

-Resume posting service: I was contacted by a recruiter who saw my resume online. She passed my resume around after we spoke.

-Resume writing: The hiring manager who eventually got a hold of my resume was so impressed that he barely interviewed me. I think I asked him more questions that he asked me.

-Career counseling: This was probably the most valuable part because once I understood the new job, I absolutely was certain that it fit in with both my interests and my personality.

I would recommend Mitch to anyone looking for any of these services.”

Thomas L.

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BBCS Counseling has maintained offices in Freehold, Cranford, NJ and provides services in NJ, NY and throughout the USA.

We are also able to consult with clients online via and What’s APP.
Both platforms are HIPAA Compliant used Licensed Medical and Counseling Professions.