What our Clients Say


I wanted to reach out to you and let you know that I have landed a job. I started this Monday. I want to thank you for making my resume look beautiful, professional and draw attention to my qualifications. I also want to thank you for the mock Interview sessions. Even though you stated I interviewed well, our sessions brought back the confidence and use of key terms I was missing. I will be back in touch in a few months for a complete resume make-over to include this new job. Thank you so much!!!!


“Mitch: I am extremely Impressed! You and your company did a fantastic job with my resume! When the opportunity to advance in my career presents itself, I know I have a great resume to get me noticed. I can see why you’ve had such a successful run in your 17 year history! Thanks again for all your help!”

David R.

“Mr. Baskin, First, I wanted to thank you for your help with my resume. In the past two weeks I have had more responses than last year. I have an interview this Friday with a medical equipment company. I was wondering if you could help me prepare for the interview.”

Thank you, Wendy C

“Mitch: It looks great. I am considering your services to compile a list of smaller hedge funds, some local and some in Manhattan to target for employment opportunities. I hope to hear from you soon.”

Sincerely, Charles F.

“Mitch, just wanted to drop you a line to let you know one of your letters has developed into a new job for me. In fact those letters continue to generate phone calls and although I have taken this position, I’m staying in contact with a number of firms recommending candidates or other business solutions for them to more or less maintain a network contact. Thanks for all your help and I’ll be sure to recommend you at any opportunity.”

All the best, Bob D.

“Dear Beverly, The career counseling and testing program really gave me some solid career direction. I have explored the two different career paths we discussed and have applied to both to the non-profit and corporate sales areas. Thanks again. I am almost ready to start the interviewing process.

Dana M.

“Mitch and Bev, this is the first time I have used your service and it was quite successful. I certainly will recommend it to clients and colleagues. Thanks for providing a great service!”

Betty L.

“Thanks so much for the fantastic job you did on my resume and cover letter. I sound great!!!! Hope I can live up to all the good things you say. I am leaving in January instead of December. Can I call you? I just wanted to go over the tips you gave me on searching the Internet.”

Cathy M.

“Mitch: I got value from learning how my Meyers-Briggs score has drifted over the years. I love my new resume. It is in the best shape ever. (format wise). Your list of interview questions is the best I’ve seen and it was very good chatting with you and getting perspective on today’s market dynamics.”


Beverly, You and Mitch work so well as a team. The career counseling you conducted with me is invaluable and I have improved both professionally and personally. My procrastination and self esteem issues at work are completely gone now and I am using the tools we talked about every day.
Best regards,

Kevin H

“Hi Mitch and Beverly: Everyone seems very happy with their resumes, thank you for your help.”

Thanks, Sarah,
(HR Director)

” Hi Beverly: It’s been a while since I’ve been in contact and wanted to give you an update… the job at xxxxxxx came through and I start February 20th. Thanks for all your help so far… it has made a big difference for me on many levels.

Sincerely, Jane O.

Thanks so much! Everything looks awesome.


Dear Beverly:

Thank you for providing me with such a wonderful counseling experience. I am especially grateful for all of your resources, sage advice and the opportunity to use you as a reference.
Very Kindly,



I cannot thank you enough you got my life back on track and now I’m hitting the ground running. I appreciate all your help. Both resumes look perfect I’ll keep you informed about interviews and if I get a job the next couple of weeks
Best Regards,



Thank you for getting back to me. I would love to take the next step forward and get a better resume for Facility/Property Management. I do agree with you with both resumes I sent you they don’t really have a focus on my skills to the job at hand. I will research all the links you’ve attached and ill hope to meet with you early next week. Thank you for your assistance, you are helping my life get back on track.


Great work as always Mitch!
Many thanks.

Pete C

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Baskin,

It is with tremendous gratitude and appreciation that I write this e-mail to you. I sincerely thank you for a job well done on my resume and cover letter. I think that they both look fantastic, and you truly have delivered a high quality, superb product. I appreciate your assistance as I embark on a very challenging journey to gain control over my career, and I believe that your help is exactly what I needed to finally succeed at a task that I have been struggling with for many years. I feel great!

Again, thank you so much for your outstanding work!  As far as the cover letter is concerned, I am completely satisfied.  Please feel free to let me know via e-mail or phone if you need anything further.  I will be more than happy to help!

With much appreciation,

Dashan G

Well, guess what! I was offered a position yesterday at XXXXXX College in NYC: great $$, great job, and not too shabby a commute. I’m so happy (and so relieved!); thanks for the psychic energy. Enjoy the rest of the summer.


Thank you for the resume Mitch. I think it looks brilliant. I’ll review and get back to you with any very slight changes that I might request.


Resume looks fantastic!  I can’t thank you enough


Mitch, The resume looks fantastic! Thanks again for all of your help.



Hi Mitch & Beverly,

Just had the best interview I have ever done. Interviewer was really enthusiastic about me and told me I was a strong candidate. Thanks so much for your help.

Karen E.

Thank you for writing my resume. I hope that I will be selected as a viable candidate for job opportunities in the law enforcement field. It looks great

Thank you again for your great work.

Steven W.


I just wanted to say thank you very much for all your help with my resume and interview practice. I just accepted a position as IT project manager with XXXX in Mt. Laurel. The help you provided me was extremely beneficial towards landing a new job.

I will be sure to recommend your services to anyone who may be in the market for a new job.
Thanks again!

Roger H

Hello Mr. Baskin,

I wanted to let you know that I got an IT job. I am working at a high school and will be starting in a few weeks.


Mitch just a heads up me took a position with XXXX on the YYY account, thanks for all the help. Best of luck going forward.


Dear Mitch,

I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.
Details of the Recommendation: “I used Mitch’s career testing, resume writing and job posting services. I was able to find a new job within 2 months of the postings going live. Each step of the process added value:

-Resume posting service: I was contacted by a recruiter who saw my resume online. She passed my resume around after we spoke.

-Resume writing: The hiring manager who eventually got a hold of my resume was so impressed that he barely interviewed me. I think I asked him more questions that he asked me.

-Career counseling: This was probably the most valuable part because once I understood the new job, I absolutely was certain that it fit in with both my interests and my personality.

I would recommend Mitch to anyone looking for any of these services.”

Thomas L

Mr. Baskin,

Everything looks great! No changes or modifications and the ability I have to “tweak” it lets say for a Police Dispatcher position is very simple.
Thank you

Michael M


It is phenomenal!!!!!! Thank You,



Just to let you know my resume got me a great new job. Thanks

Mike P

Hi Beverly and Mitch,

Hope all is well. I wanted to let you know that I’ve accepted a position as marketing manager at a generic drug manufacturer, XXXXX Laboratories. I’ll be managing the retail OTC business and will be starting in the New Year.

Thanks for your help in my job search. My best wishes and happy holidays to you and your family.


Thank you. You did an excellent job.


Got a call today from one of the recruiters I sent my resume and cover letter to yesterday about a job they’re excited about having me be considered for: SVP and NY Regional Manager of XXXX, office in Lincoln Center/UWS area. Yay!

Joshua L, MD,


On behalf of the entire upSKILL grant team, thank you very much for your contributions toward a very successful JOBS 2.0. This was the first time most of the panelists and presenters had met; yet, it appeared to the audience you have been working together for a long time.  I’ve had the opportunity to review all of the feedback forms and I am very happy to inform you the attendees thought the panelists were great and the light you shed on the job search landscape was very informative, and relevant.

I work with these people every day and I know most of them by name.  I think the highest compliment given was from an upSKILL student who said the panelists were inspiring.  On our prep conference call, we agreed that is the exact message we wanted to send.  You were honest and stimulating.

On behalf of the attendees, I cannot thank you enough.   I hope you enjoyed the session and I hope you enjoyed meeting any of the panelists and presenters you hadn’t already met.

Thank you.

Art O
upSKILL Grant Project Manager
New Jersey Institute of Technology

Hello Mitch,

Thank you for all the help with pointing me in the right direction towards a new career. I think I am going to have you do another resume for me that am not geared towards sales so much.
Best Regards,

Chris C

Hey Mitch,

I remember that in our last session you said you like to hear updates from your former clients so I thought I’d let you know about where things are headed for me:

I’ve applied to several master’s programs in special education, gotten accepted into one so far so I know I’ll have a school to attend in the Spring. I’m really excited to get started with classes again and even more excited at the job prospects I’ll have when I’m finished.

The most important thing I got out of our sessions was the push to go back to school. I was pretty much dead set against it when we started, but by the end I realized it really is a good investment and the past couple months have just been working while researching what the best advanced degree would be.

So thanks for the help. Hope you, Beverly and business are all doing well.

Eric C

Hi, Mr. Baskin,

Hope that you have had a great weekend.

I added my recommendations in LinkedIn, but unsure if I placed it in the right place. Let me know if I did it wrong.  I sincerely appreciate your help, guidance! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

I strongly recommend Mr. Baskin!!!  I consider myself very fortunate to know Mr. Baskin.  I have used his service for almost a year now over several occasions.  From my many interactions with him, I feel comfortable and trust his recommendations.

I was miserable at my work place and felt lost in my professional direction. I first searched on the web for several counselors, and have interviewed several before deciding to meet with Mr. Baskin.  Mr. Baskin is knowledgeable and professional.  He listened and understood my problems getting to the core when many just went around the bush.  Mr. Baskin also showed sincere interest in helping me.  My schedule is crazy, and I could only set an appointment with him in the late evening.  He would make time for me. There were also occasions when I had urgent issues, and he responded to them quickly.  He also considered his answers to me very carefully, which I really appreciate.  There were few occasions that he would discuss my situation with other specialists before getting back to me. Now, he is like my great counselor, and I am grateful to have him as my great professional support!!   Thank you, Mitch! Have a great week



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