Spouse Relocation Services

Spouse Relocation


Spouse relocation, transition, New JerseyFor the Candidate:

Your partner, spouse or significant other may be eligible for career relocation services when you accept a new job.

For the Partner:

Has your spouse accepted a new job offer? Now you and your children have to move and start new lives, new jobs, find new community activities and resources …What about your career?

Spouse Relocation Services Work

We use a three prong approach to spousal transition that includes counseling and support; career continuation services, and community resource services. The process is highly effective and relieves a lot of stress for the family.

Please call BBCS Counseling, and ask for Executive Directors, Mitch and Beverly Baskin for more information concerning Spouse Relocation Services.

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“Mitch, just wanted to drop you a line to let you know one of your letters has developed into a new job for me. In fact those letters continue to generate phone calls and although I have taken this position, I’m staying in contact with a number of firms recommending candidates or other business solutions for them to more or less maintain a network contact.

Thanks for all your help and I’ll be sure to recommend you at any opportunity.”

Bob D.

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