Our Resume Writing Fees

Resume Writing Fees


We pride ourselves in our professionalism. All professional resume writing, development and counseling fees are based on $200 per hour. Our fees for interviewing, development and preparation of resumes range between $395-$895. To make it easier for our clients, here is a general way to estimate the cost of your resume:

  • College grads with little experience … $395
  • Junior Positions – one page resume … $395-$495
  • Mid Management … $495-$695
  • Executives … $695-$895

Please Note:
We will interview you extensively and talk with you before an exact price is given. It is based on our preparation time. Obviously the more years of experience and the number of jobs and the type of career transition resume to be created are taken into consideration. It takes us more time to market an executive than it does someone with one or two jobs.

Your resume is your billboard, a document that can be processed by a future employer in less than 10 seconds!! It should contain key words, a profile about your work ethic, and be viewed as a futuristic document to move your career and transition forward. Our expertise is what you are paying for, our commitment to servicing you and partnering with you is exceptional and our resumes get you results, quickly! Our clients constantly tell us how impressed employers are with their resumes.

Bottom line, our resumes are written for success and get you the interviews. We are experienced, and our samples, published works, professional credentials, 20 years of private practice experience, and our commitment to our repeat clientele speaks for itself.

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“Mitch: I am extremely Impressed! You and your company did a fantastic job with my resume! When the opportunity to advance in my career presents itself, I know I have a great resume to get me noticed. I can see why you’ve had such a successful run in your 17 year history! Thanks again for all your help!”

David R.

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