pathThis is the sixth segment of our series of working with a career counselor. In the last article we talked about making some educated choices, so now it is time do some planning.

You have worked with your counselor regarding your needs, interests, personality, and abilities, interpretation of test scores, and related reading, and you are now ready for career career pathing. You can explore various career paths simultaneously. For example, if you excel in mathematics, research, and statistics might explore a career in insurance as an actuary, or a career as a statistician, or a business analyst, or a career as a stockbroker. Additionally, you could look into the possibility of becoming an economist, a college professor, or an engineer. All of these positions will utilize your skills and abilities, and provide you with future aspirations.

As you perform research into various careers with the guidance of your counselor, you and your career counselor will begin to narrow down your preference list based on educated decisions and your own likes and dislikes regarding your workplace preferences and most importantly, with your values. Remember — you are still the only expert!  You will learn how to interview or “shadow” people in different professions to gain more insight into the actual jobs. Through a process of elimination you will reach a decision about the best career possibilities for you. Now you are ready to develop targeted job search strategies and tools, along with several back-up plans with your counselor.

We are almost done! In our next segment we will discuss resumes and cover letters and then our last big segment which we will split into two parts in June will be all about putting it all together with career marketing.

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