For the Candidate: Your Partner, Spouse or Significant Other May be Eligible for Career Relocation Services when you accept a new job

For the Partner: Has your spouse accepted a new job offer?
Now you and your children have to move and start new lives,
new jobs, “find new community activities and resources…What about your career?

Now that we are in the second half of 2014, the economy is growing stronger and new job openings are happening rapidly all across the country. Professionals are more confident that their new job offers will lead to corporate and personal growth.

Candidates are now accepting jobs in different states and some new job offers are located globally, out of the country. However, what happens when your spouse or significant other has to give up their job because of your transition?

With dual career families, there is an excellent solution to that issue, notes Beverly and Mitch Baskin, Executive Directors of BBCS Counseling. It is called Spouse Relocation Services and the staff at BBCS have been helping corporations help their new employees and their families with Spouse Relocation for many years.

Sometimes the employee who accepts the new job out of State or out of commuting distance of their partners’ job has to ask for these services because the new company does not realize that their partner is being affected or has never done this before for an employee. That does not mean that they would not be open to it. Just show them this blog entry and explain your situation.

Other companies who are known to be family friendly traditionally give the Spouse Relocation Services as part of the new job package. They hire BBCS to help the partner with learning how the new location can support them getting a new job or a new career that will fit their interests, personality at this stage of life, their values, and their workplace preferences. Sometimes spouses or partners consider this move “a new beginning” not only for their partners who have received a job offer, but for them as well.

Our knowledgeable staff will also help with finding educational and school resources for the children, new home resources and real estate brokers, and religious and community resources to ease their move to a new city. We can also do this remotely because we have various research protocols around the country.

Spouse Relocation Services Work.

We use a three prong approach to spousal transition that includes counseling and support; career continuation services, and community resource services. The process is highly effective and relieves a lot of stress for the family.

Please call BBCS Counseling, and ask for Executive Directors, Mitch and Beverly Baskin for more information concerning Spouse Relocation Services.