020409_1431_0144_llhsAccording to the Social Adjustment Scale by Holmes, job loss is one of the top three stressors in a person’s life. People often have feelings similar to those of grieving or mourning and listed below are the stages of grief:

1) Shock
2) Denial
3) Anger
4) Bargaining – Asking the company to take you back
5) Isolation
6) Depression
7) Finally – Acceptance, Reintegration, and Renewal

Please Note: Every person has his or her own time table as to when they reach the stage of acceptance. People go through a roller coaster ride of emotions in no particular order, and at different times of the job search process. The important thing to remember is that all of these feelings are normal and part of the grieving process associated with any type of loss. If you are wondering what is “normal” in terms of your emotions, or you are having emotions that are taking a toll on you or your family, you may want to discuss your feelings with a professional counselor.

Choices Regarding Reemployment

  • Same Job, Same Industry
  • Same Job, Different Industry
  • Different Job, Different Industry
  • Owning Your Own Business

Your Ideal Job: Ability plus enjoyment = Strength
Your interests and abilities intersect with the current marketplace

Some Tips…

• Think of at least 50 contacts – a contact is someone who knows a lot of people, not necessarily someone who is in your industry. A contact is a friend, neighbor, doctor, dentist, travel agent, etc.
• When speaking to potential networking contacts, instead of asking for a job, try to ask for help and suggestions. In this way, even if there aren’t any jobs available in the company, the person can help you by giving you the names of two or three people that he or she knows.
• Instead of asking for a favor, ask for a person’s advice.
• Set small, reachable goals for yourself.
• Email a thank you note after an interview.
• If you want to talk with a hiring authority on the telephone, (other than personnel) you might have a better chance of speaking with him or her if you call before 9 AM or after 5 PM.
• Remember to be good to yourself: Exercise, eat right; try to put “balance” into your personal life. You will survive this transition, and perhaps you might obtain a higher paying position.