iStock_000016899206LargeDarcie Sims, a nationally certified grief counselor and author of Getting Through the Holidays When You’ve Lost a Loved One, offered the following advice for those experiencing grief during the holidays:

  • Be patient and realistic.  Counselors urge clients who are coping with a loss to banish the word “ought” out of their holiday planning, and be realistic about what they are willing to accomplish.
  • Listen to your heart and acknowledge your limitsBe aware of your needs, and express them to family and friends.
  • Allow the tears to come, but look for joy amidst the pain.  Try to remember all of the happier times, even writing them down to commemorate the joy the departed instilled.
  • Focus on the spiritual dimensions of the holidays.  In many faiths, the season is a time for reflection and spiritual preparation, which bereaved clients may find helpful.
  • Adapt cherished traditions Rather than avoiding once cherished traditions that may now seem too painful, counselors recommend that clients give them a new twist, or come up with original ways of celebrating.  Be cautious about the idea of eliminating any sort of celebration as this can lead to a still greater sense of loss.
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