When a person decides to change jobs, explore new careers, is a victim of a downsizing or in a firing/separation decision, there are a number of choices regarding re-employment that they can explore. Deciding which path to take is sometimes the biggest challenge: 

  • Same Job, Different Industry
  • Different Job, Different Industry
  • Working for non-profit agencies or charitable institutions
  • Working for the Federal, State or County/local Government agencies
  • Consulting
  • Owning your own business or being your own contractor
  • Working per diem or part time without benefits, but carving a career, perhaps with two or three jobs to equal the salary of one full time job. For example, per diem college instructors very often work teach at more than one college during each week.
  • Looking into Creative Retirement Options (if you are at the age when it may be a viable)

Whatever the choices, people need to explore the options thoroughly. Partnering with a professional career counselor can help with decision making. Talking and working through perceived obstacles, taking various licensed career inventories to assess a person’s career paths that are congruent with his or her interests, personality, workplace preferences and values can also be very helpful. Many times finding specific jobs, industries, careers and the workplace that the client would thrive in will make implementing a job search campaign a lot more focused and successful.

Your Ideal Job: Ability plus enjoyment = Strength

Your interests and abilities intersect with the current marketplace