goalsIn the last segment we discussed what to expect when you meet your career counselor and how she or he is well versed in helping you help yourself toward a rewarding and fulfilling life. In order to do this, though, you and your counselor must first set some goals.

A very important part of the initial counseling session or the first session or two thereafter is that of setting goals.

What do you expect from the process of career counseling?
What do you want to accomplish first?
After a certain amount of sessions, what can you expect?

As you and your counselor collaborate on goal setting, you are working together as a team. There are no surprises. You and your counselor may work hard, but through commitment to the counseling process your goals will be met.

Typically, people who seek career counseling have only a limited amount of experience in the workplace and limited exposure to different types of careers. This is especially true of the exploratory-age client. Surprisingly, this may also be true of many more experienced 30’s Transition and Mid-life Career clients. Even the pre-retirement and retirement client may not be knowledgeable of how and when their career decisions were made.

For this reason, a career counselor would want to know how you were influenced in any career decisions in the past and by whom. These influences include those of your parents, teachers, supervisors, mentors, and other significant people throughout your early and later life.

In our next post in this series we will touch on testing to assist you to gain knowledge about different aspects of yourself that will help in the decision making process.

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