This can be a daunting question to people that are seeking careers in fields of their choice but still need to bring in a steady stream of income. Do you put the extra hours and effort into two part time jobs in your field of interest or take one job that has no future for you?

While it may seem to be a big uphill climb, staying focused in your field of interest does have it’s advantages.

In order to have contacts in your chosen profession, having one or two part time jobs in your industry, puts you in a position to meet as many people as possible in your chosen field. This allows you to keep tabs on what is available and to find prospects in your industry of choice.

You also run the possibility of one of the part time jobs becoming more permanent in the future if you persevere and build a relationship and good reputation with your employers.

If you are doing something completely different, you will not be in a position to network and learn from the people in your industry.

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