Resumewriternj and BBCS Counseling, Beverly Baskin, Certified Professional Resume Writer, Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Career Counselor, Master Career Counselor.
Mitch Baskin, MS, PE Technical Resume Writing Specialist, C-Level Executive Resume Specialist

Are you looking for a resume writing service including a career counselor, coach, and job search specialist?  Well, you have come to the right website.  BBCS Counseling and Resumewriternj have been helping clients for more than 17 years developing professional resumes, cover letters and performing career marketing.  In fact we are the premier resume writers in NJ and are known throughout the United States.  We can help you globally on line, by Skype or Face Time, and of course in person in our three offices in New Jersey.

Beverly Baskin and Mitch Baskin have had resumes published in over 30 books and are professional resume writers who know the current workplace demands and are able to market your career successfully.  This means  that you get more interviews, are on the correct search engines for your career and industry, and that your resume is found through the proper key words and branding words.

Your resume is your advertisement and we certainly get your noticed in a very professional and realistic way.  When an employer glances at the resumes that we develop, he or she knows that you are very proficient at many skills and abilities to meet the demanding workplace.  This is because we take the time to talk with you extensively on how you want to be repackaged.  A professional resume writer will speak with you about your accomplishments of the past and weave that into the document so that the achievements will be useful for the future.  A well written resume is a forward accomplishment -oriented marketing tool that will make the prospective employer call you to find out more information… and to interview you in person!

There is a fine line related to adding too much verbiage on the resume or too little.  There are buzz words for each industry.  Mitch and Beverly Baskin, working as part of a team, both help you to help yourself in the job market BBCS and resumewriternj services are geared towards your natural positives.  Even if you don’t think you have accomplishments, let a resume writer pull out the good in you…you need someone who can see what you have to offer, even if your boss cannot!  Your current job might just not be a good fit.  Now is the time to get a second opinion from two great resume writers in NJ!  Call us or email us.  We would be happy to talk with you and see how we can be of use to you; tell us about your situation.  800-300-4079 or  or

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