020409_1431_0144_llhsIn the last segment we talked about making some choices. So now that you have made some decisions, you are most likely going to go in search of information in these areas.

Job seekers and those in career transition want to be educated about the various careers that are available to them. They would like more information about job descriptions, employment outlooks, and professional qualifications.Some people explore promotional opportunities, wage and salary guidelines, and assessment of their talents as it is related to the world of work.

A career counselor can suggest various resource publications and reference books that may be of specific interest to you. These are some of the most popular reference books: The Dictionary of Occupational Titles, The Occupational Outlook Handbook, The Guide for Occupational Exploration, The Dictionary of Wages and Salaries, and various US and State government publication. These are all readily available in any library.Often recommended are vocational, and motivational books such as the popular What Color Is Your Parachute, and The Overnight Job Search Strategy and many, many others. These line the shelves of any bookstore.

This process of reading books and disseminating career information takes clients out of the fantasy stage of career development and transfers their job search into a realistic mode.

Our next segment starts to get real interesting! After working with your counselor regarding your needs, interests, personality, and abilities, interpretation of test scores, and related reading, you are now ready for career planning or “career pathing.”

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