Think about your ideal job and remember that abilities + enjoyment = Strengths. You really have four choices regarding you new job. They are:

  • Same Job, Same Industry
  • Same Job, Different Industry
  • Different Job, Different Industry
  • Owning Your Own Business

Explore how your present interests and abilities intersect with the current marketplace. With the concept of lifelong learning taking place in the workplace and the introduction of long distance learning on the Internet, people in all age groups have a chance to retrain. Many of the new skills do not require years and years of extensive schooling. There are several three to 18 month courses that constitute excellent retraining opportunities in data processing, computer repair, network engineering, allied health professions and other fields.

By Beverly Baskin, MA, NCC
Execuive Director, Baskin Business and Career Services
Executive Offices in Woodbridge, Princeton and Marlboro New Jersey
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