When you go to the mall, look at the different types of stores if you are looking at changing your industry, or your career. All retail stores interact with consumer related industries that are corporate, technical or manufacturing. You may like stores in one or more of the following categories:

  • fashion
  • clothing
  • appliances
  • electronics
  • technology
  • jewelry
  • accessories
  • promotional items
  • hard goods
  • soft goods
  • super chains

All of these types of retail products and stores are part of industries with:

  • suppliers
  • wholesalers
  • retail store managers, territory mangers, regional managers, and vice presidents
  • corporate headquarters jobs including: management, operations, accounting
  • various technology related firms providing IT and computer related services

If you pick some stores that you like and are interested in the products, chances are you would like to work for that industry, not necessarily in the retail area but in any of the areas listed above.

This gives you the opportunity to research firms in that industry and send your resumes to firms that have particular areas of management, sales and operations.

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