BY Beverly Baskin ED. S, LPC, CCC, PARW

If you feel that you may be in the wrong job or industry, explore what would make you happy in terms of career.  What would be different?  How would other people view you?  Why are some other people that you know happy in their careers?  Why are their jobs good fits for them? What traits and talents do they bring to the job that make it a good match in terms of their personality, interests, and values

You have a choice:

  • –same job same industry
  • –same job different industry
  • –different job same industry
  • –different job different industry
  • –starting something on the side first that will lead to a new career
  • –working for non-profit organizations
  • –Starting a new business

Let us help you to navigate the fruitful and gratifying journey of a career change with you.  We are Mitch and Beverly Baskin, Directors of Baskin Career Counseling and BBCS Counseling.  We specialize in career transitions and workplace issues.  We work with clients who are C-Level executives, VP Level managers, junior career candidates, as well as entry level clients.  Mitch and I really like our clients and can relate to their situations.  We offer a lot in the way of career strategies, career counseling and testing for careers, professionally written, winning resumes and cover letters and LinkedIn preparation for career transitions.  We can place you on the 20 most important search engines. Mitch conducts a live three session mock interview program that is extremely successful clients tell us. Additionally, as Licensed Mental Health Counselors (as well as Certified Career Counselors), we offer life coaching, and personal counseling services  We would love to hear about your situation and how we can help.

Mitch holds an MS and a PE and is our technical and C-Level career specialist.  He is an extremely knowledgeable Career Management Coach, specializes in interviewing techniques and career management strategies.  He has written articles on our sites about some of the most recent career changers he has helped.  Mitch is a truly talented and caring individual, a gentle man who can motivate even the most senior clients and challenging career situations.

I am a Certified Career Counselor by the NBCC and the National Career Development Association a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), possess six years of graduate and post graduate work and my clients have the same issues as you do!  I am what is known as a Clinical Career Counselor having dual certifications a Career Counselor and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor; helping people with mental health issues that are part of changing careers or helping you build the courage to leave a job that is causing you anxiety and wearing down your self-esteem.  I serve as your advocate.

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